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           RIDER SAFETY


Our prime concern is for the safety and well-being of all participants in the ride.

We are now applying a
"NO HELMET, NO RIDE" policy.

All riders on the 25-mile Adult Ride (including children who ride on the back seat of an adult's bike or on "tag along" bikes) and on the Junior Ride, will be turned back at the start if they are not correctly wearing a proper cycle helmet. Children in towed carts with a "roof" may ride without cycle helmets at their parents' discretion.

We also require you to follow these rules as a condition of entry:

  • Observe the rules of the Highway Code

  • Obey all instructions given by the Police or Route Marshalls

  • Ride in single file and do not try any dangerous passing. Keep over to the nearside of the road.

  • Remember that while we have chosen the route to be as safe as possible, there are places where you will be on or crossing busy roads. You do not have any special right of way!!

  • Keep your distance from the bike in front, do not go too fast down hill, signal if you intend to turn and do not stop suddenly.

In other words - GO CAREFULLY!!

  • The route passes through some lovely countryside and villages so please leave them as you find them.

  • Do not drop litter or ride over grass verges.


All riders in both Rides do so entirely at their own risk.

The orgnizers cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident, loss, or damage to cycles, equipment and personal effects or any public liability.

All riders are deemed to have accepted these conditions by entering the event.

Further information can be obtained by e-mail to Liphook Bike Ride info

           AGE LIMITS


Please remember that no children under the age of 10 are allowed on the 25 mile ride, unless they are on a 'tagged' bike. Children under 16 MUST be supervised throughout the ride. There is of course the Junior ride that we would encourage the little guys to take part in .


           THE JUNIOR RIDE



  • The Junior ride starts at 10:30am.

  • Ride Registration will be through the Car park and Tennis Courts, at the back of Bohunt.

  • Parents are responsible for their own children and children must not be left unattended.

  • You will get a Certificate showing the number of laps you have completed.

  • You might also want to bring along some money with you to join in the fun at Bohunt after completing the course.

  • Bring a safety helmet - wear it!! If you don't have one, get one!

  • It is not a race - enjoy the Ride and raise money for local charities and causes.


           ON THE DAY

  • *** Remember your helmet ***

  • The ride will start at 09:45:10:20. Please check-in on arrival - check-ins open at 08:30 - so we know who is on the road. We cannot confirm your worthy efforts unless we know you’ve started!!

  • Additional riders will be able to enter on the day but there will be a premium . Better for everyone to register beforehand !

  • All riders must be checked in and away by 10:30 am .

  • You might also want to bring along some money with you to join in the fun at Bohunt after completing the course.

  • Please Don’t ask friends or family to drive around the course following you in cars. Get them to go on ahead, before the start, and cheer you on at one of the stages, or better still, to stay at Bohunt to see you off and see you back We expect a large number of Riders on the road and the Police have asked us to keep the number of “camp followers” to a minimum.

  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy, safe and serviceable. Owens Cycles can prepare your bike for you before the ride.

           ON THE RIDE


  • It is not a race - the aim is to enjoy the Ride and raise money for local charities.

  • Be considerate of other Riders, particularly at the start when everyone is bunched together.

  • If you have a younger rider with you on the main course and have agreed to supervise them, they are entirely your responsibility. Don't ride off ahead and leave them, even if they are a little slower than you would prefer.

  • If your bike breaks down or if you want to pack up, stay with your bike by the side of the road until a LiDBA Marshall or mobile repair van arrives. Please don't go home without telling a Marshall or we could waste a lot of time looking for you.

  • Refreshment points will be positioned around the course but you might want to bring some additional drinks with you, especially if it is a hot day. Still drinks are best and we strongly advise against drinking any alcohol before or during the Ride.

  • The Marshall and Refreshment points are shown on the map and will be well signposted on the day.

  • Please abide by the Highway Code - you do not have priority over other road users.

  • Continue to wear your safety helmet.

           YOU FINISHED , WELL DONE !!


  • Please check in with Ride Control.They will present you with your Certificate to show your sponsors.

  • Please leave carefully and responsibly. Remember other riders may still be arriving - DO NOT CROSS their path

  • When crossing the road outside Bohunt remember to look both ways for cars and bikes.

  • Please don't just forget us - WE WILL BE NEEDING YOUR SPONSOR MONEY!!

           AFTER THE EVENT


Thankyou for participating in the event , Please dont forget us ...... Help us raise more than ever for local charities and help us raise more money this year than ever before ...  

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